Portion Sizes: Tips and Tools

katie Pendlay   •   Food   •   February 16, 2017

When it comes to portion sizes, our environment works against us. Restaurants often use platter-sized plates and pile on enough pasta to feed a small village. Buffets incent us to “get our money’s worth” by gorging ourselves senseless. Holidays are known as a time to feast with our families to the point of bursting. Even […]

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The Busy Body: Simple Choices to Burn Calories All Day

katie Pendlay   •   Steps   •   February 16, 2017

It’s ironic that the busier our lives get, the more sedentary we might become. After a full day of desk work and shuttling kids to soccer practice, it’s tempting to put off cooking, call out for delivery, eat in front of the TV, and do everything we can not to leave the couch. But sedentary […]

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Meal planning grid and shopping list

katie Pendlay   •   Food   •   February 15, 2017

  B=Breakfast       L=Lunch       D=Dinner       S1/S2=Snacks     T=Treat     P=Protein       F/V=Produce     G= Whole Grain or Starchy Vegetable     Events=ie. Birthday dinner out     SHOPPING LIST  

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Balanced Plate: All About Whole Grains

katie Pendlay   •   Food   •   February 09, 2017

What Are Whole Grains? If you’ve tried losing weight before—or surfed the internet in the last, say, five years—you’ve probably heard of whole grains. But how are whole grains different from other grains? Unlike “refined grain” products like white rice, white flour, and white bread, whole grain products are closer to what you would find […]

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Balanced Plate: Protein Power

katie Pendlay   •   Food   •   February 07, 2017

Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders and gym junkies; every healthy meal plan relies on protein for vital nutrients and a natural feeling of fullness. But in western diets, it’s easy to overdo it on protein-dense foods. The sentiment “It’s not a meal unless it has meat!” is an all-too-common misconception. So how much protein is […]

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Planning for weight-loss success

katie Pendlay   •   Mood   •   February 02, 2017

When you are creating a plan for losing weight, there are three areas to consider that will help you be successful.

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Balanced Plate: Your Visual Guide

katie Pendlay   •   Food   •   February 02, 2017

Meal planning can be confusing with so many numbers to remember. Calories, grams, servings, portions—it’s a lot to count in the beginning! But there’s a simple way to get started with proper portion sizes. The Balanced Plate is a great method to keep all of your food groups in perspective so you don’t overdo it […]

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The Retrofit way – all about whole grains

Julia   •   Food   •   January 25, 2017

Whole grains vs. refined grains To be classified as whole grain, a grain product, whether it is processed in any way or unprocessed, must have all three parts of the grain in their original proportions: Bran Germ Endosperm Whole grains contain all the naturally occurring nutrients such as fiber, vitamin E, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, […]

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Importance of weigh-ins

Julia   •   Weight   •   January 20, 2017

Importance of Weigh-in: An additional weigh-in/wk increases the odds of client success by 34%.  

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101 things to do besides eat

Julia   •   Exercise, Food, Steps, Weight   •   January 18, 2017

When you recognize that a desire to eat is due to “head hunger” rather than true hunger, you can choose to do another activity to redirect your attention away from food until the urge passes—or until you feel hungry. Highlight the ideas that appeal to you and add some of your own. Remember, try to […]

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